Using Sponsorships to Create Brand Awareness 
and Secure Customers in 2017

Sponsorships are a way for your business to gain name recognition and good will which can lead to more customers. It is also a special way you can support the Chamber outside of membership investments and participation in committees. All sponsorships include publicity before and during the event and can offer additional perks as well on a customized basis. As you budget for next year please consider one of these opportunities and reach out to the Chamber staff for more information.

Annual Banquet Sponsorships: The Annual Banquet is the largest gathering of Chamber members with over 700 people in attendance as we honor volunteers and discuss the Chamber’s programming during an evening of networking in late January.

Business Showcase Sponsorship: The Business Showcase is held in October and usually features over 1000 attendees and close to 100 exhibitors.  Sponsorship includes prime exhibitor space.

Golf Tournament Sponsorships:  The Chamber’s golf tournament is among the largest held in the Valley and typically takes place in late September at Redlands Golf Club.

Energy Briefing Sponsor: Energy briefings are held monthly over the lunch hour and feature a fact based presentation on a topic related to energy development, generation and usage.  Attendance varies from 30 to 75.  The sponsor introduces the speaker.

Legislative Events Sponsorships: The Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee is the largest of all of our committees and offers several opportunities for name recognition

Quarterly Membership Luncheon Sponsor: Quarterly Luncheons are held four times a year and typically have between 70 and 100 people in attendance.  The sponsor helps distribute expanding business awards and typically introduces the keynote speaker. 

Video Conference Sponsor: These are held twice monthly during the Colorado General Assembly Session with about 50 people in attendance

Legislative Trip to the Capital is a once a year event with between 50 and 80 local attendees and over 30 state officials.

Legislative Wrap Up Sponsor: This is our annual wrap up event at the close of the legislative session and has an estimated attendance of 100 people.  Sponsor introduces lawmakers.

E-Newsletter Sponsor: The Chamber e-newsletter goes out once a week to over 1400 business people.  Sponsorship includes a link to the sponsor’s website.

Business Barometer Sponsor: Each month the Chamber produces an economic snapshot of activity in the area including sales tax, employment, and real estate information.


Other opportunites: The Chamber also offers a number of opportunities for members to promote their businesses through advertising on the chamber website, in the monthly newsletter, the business directory and the area map. For more information contact Trish 970.263.2912).