Workplace health, access to health coverage, and our overall community health are top of mind as a business community. These key elements directly impact our ability to keep the economy and our workforce strong.

Join us as we welcome Tracy Marshall, FAMLI Division Director to kick-off the day as she discusses the upcoming rollout of the FAMLI program and how businesses can prepare for the requirements that begin January 1st. Access to affordable healthcare is next on the schedule and Michael Conway, Insurance Commissioner at the Colorado Division of Insurance will be speaking about the Colorado Option and other ways to ensure your workforce is covered.

Attendees will then be able to explore a variety of topics that are impacting healthy workplaces, including burnout, healthcare plan options, encouraging healthy habits, and legal landmines to watch out for.

Wrap up the day with a lunch panel featuring our local healthcare experts as they discuss priority issues that contribute to the overall health of our community and how we, as a business community, can positively impact the conversation.

Annual Health Summit
October 26th | 8AM – 2pm at the Grand Junction Convention Center
$65 for GJACC Members; $75 Future Members
To register, please click here.

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