This past year has put a spotlight on the variety of ways that “healthcare” can impact your business.
The pandemic has made employee health a critical part of keeping your businesses running. It wasn’t just the efforts to prevent virus spread that our employers had to balance, but also the mental fatigue of the uncertain times, unpredictable working conditions, ever-changing school routines, and quarantine isolation.

Being prepared as a business meant learning new systems and exploring new resources minute by minute and although we are seeing the vaccine help ease some stress for employers, the employee burnout and financial pressure of health benefits continue to loom large in the minds of businesses.

Join us this year as our annual Healthcare Summit focuses on what our business community has done right over the past year as it navigated these uncharted waters, what to expect as the pandemic continues to evolve, how to combat employee fatigue and mental health strain, and how employer health benefits are changing in this pandemic-world.

Keynote speakers to include Dr. Thomas Tobin, Chief Medical Officer and Emergency Room physician and Dr. Yumi Lee, Infectious Disease Specialist – Community Hospital, as they talk about where we stand with COVID in our community and how your business can continue to stay ahead of it.

Breakout sessions will include experts from Mind Springs Health, Lighthouse HR Support, Bechtel & Santo, and more!
Lunch panel discussion to include our local hospital CEOs and MCPH Director, Jeff Kuhr as they discuss how our business community can continue to be leaders during the health challenges our valley continues to face.

October 20th at the DoubleTree by Hilton | 7:30 AM – 2 PM
$55 for GJACC Members | $65 for Non Members
Pre-registration is required, reserve your seat at today!

360 Grand Avenue | Grand Junction, Colorado | (970) 242-3214
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