The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce facilitated a round table discussion among it’s members and non-members in the arena of Transportation Impact Fees (TIF) on new development. The discussion was brought to our attention by the Grand Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization and City of Grand Junction. A lively conversation ensued and many varying opinions were derived.

The TIF fee is set to rise to meet the new demand on our roads with the increase in building development. The fee is not only to be instituted in Grand Junction. All cities and municipalities in the valley are looking into this new fee structure. Proponents of the increase cite the amplified impact on our roadways as more development occurs with and growth in population migration to the area. The new proposed fees are less than a commissioned study reflected, but were set to be palatable by the development community. Those opposed to the increase in fees sought to understand how the fees were derived and hoped to have an incremental raise that can be budgeted for in the years to come.

As a community we need the proper infrastructure matching our new development at the appropriate cost. We do not want to become the gridlock we see on the other side of the state, but we also do not want fees to price the homes in our area out of reach for the majority of our residents. It is a fine line to walk, and we thank all in attendance for their opinions and the governing organizations for their willingness to listen and compromise.

We continue to seek the opinions of the business community when fees and regulations come down the line to insure your voice is heard.

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