Did you know that the Mesa County Board of Commissioners instituted a program almost four years ago to help encourage new and existing businesses to expand and invest in Mesa County? While it has only recently begun to be utilized, it has the potential to assist in growing businesses and jobs throughout the county.

What is it exactly?
“It” is a rebate on the portion of business personal property taxes paid to Mesa County for adding equipment and other business resources subject to this tax. Other taxing entities would still be owed this tax. And, you must pay the tax then be issued a rebate check by the Mesa County Treasurer.

How much can I get?
Each agreement is subject to the approval of the Mesa County Commissioners and will be negotiated independently. However, it may be possible to get a rebate of up to 100% of the county tax for up to ten years. By way of example, if the new investment is $1 million you could expect annual payouts that would vary due to depreciation schedules and tax rates but over the course of ten years could be several thousand dollars.

Who qualifies?
If you are an existing company in Mesa County that is adding new (not replacement) equipment and other items defined as subject to business personal property tax (BPPT) in excess of $1 million or are adding at least ten new employees you may qualify.

If I think I qualify then what?
If you think you may qualify and you are an existing company, you should contact Diane at the Chamber office to get started. If you are a new company, you should contact Robin at GJEP. In both cases, you will be asked to sign a letter stating the nature of your new facility or existing business expansion and will be required to submit a complete list of equipment purchased, the purchase price and when/where it was put into service. Additionally, you will need to verify how many full -time equivalent jobs were created. Once that information along with verification from the Chamber or GJEP is submitted to the County a draft agreement will be written and presented to the County Commissioners for action. Chamber or GJEP staff will accompany you to that meeting and advocate for the incentive. Please note, an inspection of the equipment will be conducted to verify value and use.

Have questions? Let us help!
Contact Diane@gjchamber.org or call her at 970-263-2915
Contact Robin@gjep.org or call her at 970-245-4332

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