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You’ve seen the signs in the yards and the political commercials interrupting your Broncos games on Sunday – it’s Election Season!

In these election years, we citizens have choices, often difficult ones, that impact our daily lives. Our choices at the ballot box impact issues that may affect the health of our community. As Chamber members, you are local citizens, business leaders, entrepreneurs, owners, and operators. Candidates and ballot measures you contemplate on election day have direct impacts on your ability to successfully run your business and contribute to our economic vitality. As your Chamber, we are a resource for you as you make these difficult and impactful choices.

Our goal as a strong advocate and voice for business is to identify candidates who understand the barriers and burdens businesses face in Mesa County. They must keep in mind that successful policy cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach, especially policy created with only the East Side of the State in mind. Our elected representatives must understand the vitality and uniqueness of Western Colorado business and what it takes for us to continue to prosper. In essence, our policy and goals ignore the “R” or the “D” behind a candidate, but rather strongly consider the “B” (for business).

Ballot measures are also important and often as impactful as candidates. We have challenges addressing pressing issues such as affordable housing, natural resources, economic development, and safety. Looking through the lens of business strength is vital as we evaluate not just the intentions of these measures, but the impacts and outcomes – including the unintended ones. There are many concerns facing our Valley and we are determined to work together with our stakeholders and partners to find thoughtful solutions, even if they are not on this Fall’s ballot.

As elections and policies have direct consequences and impacts on business, our members appreciate that we throw our hat into the proverbial “ring” during election time to specifically advocate for business. We all understand how thriving businesses and quality jobs are the foundation of a vibrant community. Identifying candidates and policies that may be beneficial or detrimental to this foundation will hopefully result in a better business climate in the future.

We encourage you, our members, to use the information included in our Fall Election Guide as a resource as Election Day nears. Do your research, ask hard questions, and most importantly GET OUT AND VOTE.

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