When your business joins the Grand Junction Chamber, that means that every employee of the business is a member and can utilize the resources, attend events and be a recipient of the information we send out. Membership in the Chamber isn’t just for one person, it’s for every employee too. We want to engage with as many representatives of your business as possible because we know we are stronger together. Why should the employees of a business be encouraged to engage? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Establish Trust
People enjoy doing business with companies they like and trust. The more your business is networked with the community, the quicker and easier it is to establish trust with customers. This can also help facilitate introductions and provide you with direct access to services that help your business.

Increase Bandwidth
With the new year upon us and new goals and aspirations for 2023, we could all use a little help to get things done. Great leaders recognize that they simply can’t be everywhere or do everything, so why not empower your employees to engage with the Chamber? As representatives of member businesses, employees have access to the Chamber’s resources, events, and programs. There are over 32,000 employees that are a part of our Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

Employee Retention
Engaged and empowered employees stay with the organization longer (retention), work harder at their jobs (performance), and refrain from sabotaging the organization (risk reduction). Engaged employees contribute more to their organizations regardless of the task, but their improved contribution is especially apparent with discretionary tasks.

Please be sure your employees are registered with us to receive our monthly newsletter and communications. This is the number one way to stay in the know regarding everything the Chamber offers and the information we distribute that will help you and your business. Not sure whom we have listed with your business? Email info@gjchamber.org or login to your “Members Only” section on our website www.gjchamber.org.

If you and/or your team are looking to learn more about the Chamber, what we do, and what’s available to our members, reach out to Allison at allison@gjchamber.org to schedule a Grand Junction Chamber Information & Benefits Review.


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