Public schools are the cornerstone of our future workforce. They are not just institutions of learning; they are the breeding grounds of talent, innovation, and the skilled workforce that our communities and economies depend on. The quality of education provided in public schools directly influences the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our students as they graduate and enter the workforce.

A strong public education system equips students with the tools they need to compete in a rapidly evolving job market, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability. It also plays a vital role in promoting social equity by ensuring that all students, regardless of

their backgrounds, have access to the education and opportunities needed to succeed in their chosen careers. In essence, public schools are the foundation upon which we build a skilled, diverse, and thriving workforce that drives our community’s progress and prosperity.

Our Chamber’s role as a catalyst for a strong Workforce includes the understanding that the decisions made by our school board have far-reaching consequences on our ability to cultivate a skilled talent pipeline for our future within our Valley.

Join us as we host a Candidate forum for District A and District B on the Mesa County Valley School District Board of Education. This forum will provide a platform for the candidates to articulate their visions for our schools and their impact on the future workforce.

In addition to the featured Candidate Forum, local businesses will be recognized for their recent expansion efforts that include both new job creation and capital investments.

September 18th at 12 Noon
Grand Junction Convention Center
$25 for GJACC Members | $30 for Non Members

Space is limited, pre-registration is required. To register for this event, please visit

Presented by Timberline Bank


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