Let’s focus on advocacy at the local level. This topic is very important to many small businesses in Grand Junction and countless other rural environments. Local Advocacy can vary from simply wanting to properly navigate the building code, making sure your new facility complies with the local fire marshal, or even how you can ensure a qualified workforce. Each of these tasks can seem daunting, and oftentimes insurmountable, to many small business owners and operators without someone who can lead them through their individualized concerns.

We have worked on numerous important local advocacy issues recently. Ranging from helping a local outdoor advertising company navigate the city’s sign code, to helping local manufacturers and suppliers with their shipping and logistical issues in the form of a new transload facility. Additionally, we have advocated for lower fees in relation to the development codes for business and housing development across the valley, while simultaneously helping businesses navigate the personal property tax situation locally when expanding their operations.
One area of great importance that we are heavily involved in currently and into the future is the City of Grand Junction’s comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is a community vision that is intended to guide the city for the next 10 to 20 years. Per the “One Grand Junction” Comprehensive Plan, the plan will address land use, transportation, economic resiliency, and infrastructure to name a few.

Why is this important to you as a business owner/operator? Because we at the Chamber know that all of the individual elements included in the proposed plan can and will have a direct impact on the ability to sustain a healthy business climate. If any of these items become out of balance, it can potentially threaten your ability to be a successful business owner/operator. We know you are busy with the daily operations of business and are happy to constantly keep a close eye on current and future plans for our community, weighing in when it matters with the strong voice powered by 800+ members.
The above is just one example of the type of commitment and determination we use to advocate for the best interest of business locally. In the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce you have a nimble ally who always puts the needs of business to the forefront of our mission and will advocate and champion for a strong business climate locally.
If these types of issues are concerns you have in your company, or you know of a company with similar questions, please contact our Director of Business Retention & Expansion, C.J. Rhyne at cj@gjchamber.org or 970-263-2917.


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