The Grand Valley is home to some of the most innovative and impactful manufacturing sites across the country and the world, and continuing to recognize and support the contributions these businesses make to our community has never been more important.

As one of the largest local industries employing thousands of workers, and providing products to potentially millions of businesses and consumers across the country and the world, the impact of these businesses is truly remarkable. The positive results of these sites being located here go beyond the economic, and also contribute to making Grand Junction and the entire western slope more attractive prospects for further business investment and expansion.

CoorsTek Grand Junction, one of the leading manufacturers of custom ceramic components and products for industries ranging from defense to energy to healthcare is one of these manufacturers, and has been in Grand Junction for more than 30 years, employing hundreds of workers in high-skill, high-wage jobs.

The world famous “sky pool” located in London was also made right here in Grand Junction by Reynolds Polymer, a leading manufacturer of acrylic architectural features including windows, walls, and water features. The buzz surrounding this innovative feature was immense, and brought significant attention to the capabilities of business in our local area. The Denver Post described the pool as “jaw-dropping” and “providing a swim like no other” following its installation in the summer of 2021.

Innovative Textiles, a manufacturer of world-class fishing line, is another local manufacturer that contributes to local economic stability and growth. Their products are shipped all over the world, and represent the “gold standard” for this product.

Clearly, the diversity of manufacturing in our local area is impressive and incredibly beneficial to our community economically and socially. When the local manufacturing industry thrives, the overall local economy does as well.

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