What a difference a few short weeks can make! In my January column, I assured you that we would get back to in person networking as soon as it was safe to do so. That time has come! Today, as I write this, we’ve seen over 26,000 vaccinations administered and daily case counts falling to the single digits in the county. In March we cautiously began hosting our Leads groups and some committee meetings in person with an online option for those who preferred it. Ribbon cuttings came back on our Diplomat calendars and we hosted a mega rolling ribbon cutting event for several businesses during Member Appreciation Week March 8-12th.

This month we are bringing back in person Quarterly Membership Luncheons, Networking at Noon AND Business After Hours. We know that everyone has missed them and that the ability to network has been severely limited for a year. Looking someone in the eye and talking face to face is the way we’ve always preferred doing business in our community. And while, we’ve learned some new techniques over the past year that will still be around, nothing can replace that personal interaction and connection that happens at our various networking events.

We fully intend to be careful about social distancing and other safety protocols that have been recommended because we value your safety and your health as well as your involvement in the Chamber. We now think we can do both, see each other in person and be safe, due to the amazing work of Mesa County Public Health and others in distributing the vaccine.

And…drum role please…we now have a firm date for our IN PERSON Annual Banquet! 2020 Chairman Vance Wagner and I look forward to welcoming you to our delayed but not cancelled annual gala at the Grand Junction Convention Center on June 11th. The theme is still a secret for a couple of more weeks but rest assured the event will match or exceed past banquets for fun and fellowship. Watch your inbox and mail for more details including an invitation. And, if you’d like to assist us by donating items for the annual auction to benefit our Young Entrepreneurs program please don’t hesitate to reach out to Chamber staff.

See you all soon!

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