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An exciting study on The Economic Impact of Non-Profits in Mesa County published last month by Colorado Mesa University in partnership with local non-profits including the Business Incubator Center, Hilltop, Roice-Hurst Humane Society, United Way and Western Colorado Community Foundation underscores how nonprofits undoubtedly contribute to the overall sustainability, resiliency and prosperity of the regional economy. According to the study, while over 80% of non-profits have experienced increases in expenses and demand for core services, 59.4% expect revenue growth. Additionally, the nonprofit sector supports nearly 5,000 jobs in Mesa County and contributes a staggering $224 million to the regional GDP. Notably, the study highlights the crucial contributions of non-profits to future economic growth, including local employment opportunities and job security, reporting that 50% of non-profits do not foresee workforce reductions and 34.4% anticipate expansion.

This report is an important reminder of the impact our non-profits have on our community alongside our small businesses who contribute significantly by providing services, employment opportunities and direct investment into our local supply chains, tax revenues and GDP. Compounded by multiplier effects, every dollar spent by local small businesses and nonprofit organizations leads to dynamic trajectories for sustained impacts on local industries, jobs and communities in the region. The qualities of tenacity and commitment to community that exist throughout the small business and non-profit communities are evidenced by their efforts to grow, adapt and overcome challenges. The Grand Junction Area of Commerce is steadfast in its commitment to support the continued growth of local small businesses and non-profit organizations not only during the holiday season, but throughout the entire year, to foster a resilient and thriving local community.

With the holidays and season of giving in full swing we remind our community that spending during this time of year produces a 40% increase in consumer spending on average and up to 65% of annual revenues for small businesses nationwide, supporting local businesses and organizations during the holiday season is one of the best ways to make a direct and lasting impact in our Grand Valley.

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