A Message from the CEO

As President and CEO of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, I am constantly reminded of the vital role our Chamber plays in advocating for our community at every level. Advocacy, often mistaken for mere political maneuvering, encompasses a broader spectrum. It is about ensuring the prosperity and sustainability of our local businesses, fostering a thriving economic environment, and addressing the unique challenges faced by Mesa County and Western Colorado.

At the local level, our advocacy efforts are centered on supporting businesses in their expansion endeavors within Mesa County. We assist in navigating the often complex processes with the City and County, ensuring that our businesses can grow and succeed. Whether it’s a small start-up looking for its first brick-and-mortar location or a well-established company seeking to expand its operations, we are there to provide guidance and support every step of the way. Our close relationships with local government officials and understanding of regulatory frameworks allow us to streamline processes and remove barriers that might otherwise hinder business growth.

We remain actively engaged in critical issues such as affordable housing, impact fees, sustainability, and economic development, advocating for policies that drive intentional and sustainable growth of our economic fibers. Affordable housing is essential for attracting and retaining a skilled workforce, while reasonable impact fees ensure that development is both feasible and beneficial to the community. Sustainability initiatives must find the delicate balance of responsible stewardship of our resources while promoting long-term economic health. By advocating for these issues, we aim to create a balanced and thriving ecosystem where businesses and residents can flourish.

Our influence extends beyond local borders. Across the state, we strive to make sure the voices of Mesa County and Western Colorado businesses are heard. While we share some challenges with other regions, we also face unique obstacles that require local knowledge and expertise to navigate. It is not enough to accept one-size-fits-all solutions from along the I-25 corridor. We must advocate for equity in resources, funding, and opportunities to keep our corner of Colorado competitive. This means actively participating in statewide discussions and ensuring that our needs and perspectives are considered in policy-making processes.

We play a crucial role in shaping policies that address issues keeping our businesses awake at night, such as workforce development. As a direct conduit for state-led initiatives, we provide feedback and guidance to ensure these programs remain effective for our local businesses. We collaborate with educational institutions, workforce development agencies, and employers from all corners of the State of Colorado to create programs that meet the current and future needs of our industries. This collaborative approach helps us build a robust talent pipeline, ensuring that our businesses have access to the skilled workforce they need to thrive.

Our engagement in policy-making at the National level drives competitiveness and economic stability, protecting our small businesses from being adversely affected by national policy shifts. By working with national organizations and policymakers, we can advocate for fair trade practices and regulations that support our local industries. This helps to ensure that our businesses remain competitive in the global market, fostering economic stability and growth.

Furthermore, we work diligently to keep Western Colorado, and specifically Mesa County, on the map of innovation. Collaborating with partners, we bring advancements and federal opportunities to our community, ensuring that we remain a hub of progress and growth. By fostering partnerships with research institutions, technology companies, and federal agencies, we can attract investment and resources to our region. This not only boosts our local economy but also positions Mesa County as a leader in innovation and technological advancement.

The Chamber is many things to many people, businesses, and stakeholders. But to all, we are an unwavering representative at the table of economic vitality. As Teddy Roosevelt famously said, we are “in the arena” at all times, leading our business community with dedication and passion. Our commitment to advocacy is driven by our belief in the potential of our community and the businesses that call it home. We understand that a thriving business environment is the foundation of a strong and vibrant community, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every business has the opportunity to succeed.

Your investment in the Chamber matters. It fuels our ability to remain vigilant, active, and engaged. Together, we can continue to drive the sustainable growth and prosperity of Mesa County and beyond. By supporting the Chamber, you are investing in the future of our community, helping to create a dynamic and resilient economy that benefits us all. Be proud of your part in these impactful efforts, and when a business peer asks you why you are a member of the Chamber or why they should invest, remember that the Grand Junction Chamber steps inside the arena every day to dare greatly on behalf of every business across Mesa County. We invite you to join us in this mission, to be part of the collective effort to shape a brighter future for Mesa County and Western Colorado.

Candace Carnahan

President & CEO

Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce

360 Grand Avenue | Grand Junction, Colorado | (970) 242-3214
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