ow more than ever it is imperative to have a highly skilled and committed workforce. In times like we are facing currently investing in your human capital has never been more important. The Workforce Innovation Project (WIP) is an innovative collaboration between The Business Incubator Center, Mesa County Workforce Center and The Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce.

The project consists of real-world skills based online curriculum aimed at developing an understanding of various manufacturing principles and techniques, combined with a hands-on shop work component aimed at developing and increasing specific skill sets. The program is competency based at the 100% level and specifically tailored to the participant’s schedule and needs. The Workforce Innovation Program is currently is in its fifth iteration and is responsible for training many of the areas manufacturing workforce to become more efficient and invested in their career.

Do employees in your company need to take their skills to the next level? Do you or someone you know want real world training to break into the manufacturing industry? Contact our Director of Retention and Expansion, C.J. Rhyne at cj@gjchamber.com to get further details.


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