On Wednesday, November 1st, The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual health summit at Colorado Mesa University, featuring discussions of some of the most important past, present, and future issues within the healthcare industry as it relates to businesses.

Katie Mahoney, Vice President of Health Policy for the US Chamber of Commerce, spoke at the event about the federal policies and regulations being considered and rolled out relating to what

type of healthcare employers are required to provide, as well as general trends and forecasts of what employers should expect to see in this area of regulation from the federal government. “It was such an incredible opportunity to welcome Katie to speak to our group about how the federal government is considering these ideas, this is one of the few times we’ve been able to hear and consider these ideas locally,” noted Grand Junction Chamber President & CEO Candace Carnahan. The midmorning and afternoon of the event featured different breakout sessions on a selection of topics, including mental health in the workplace, innovative childcare solutions, and the changing legal and regulatory environment following several changes in state law during the spring state legislative session. All of these issues represent new challenges that businesses are facing locally and across the country, and this opportunit

y to learn more was recognized as incredibly valuable by many attendees.

he day concluded with a panel discussion between local healthcare leaders Bryan Johnson of Intermountain Health, Dr. Thomas Tobin of Community Hospital, John Sheenan of Mind Springs Health, Dr. Korrey Klein of Family Health West, and Cassie Mitchell of Hopewest. Topics discussed during this session included the efforts that these organizations are taking to increase both the

size and skill of the healthcare workforce, what options businesses and healthcare providers actually have to control costs and ensure adequate access to care, and how physically and mentally healthy employees can impact not only their insurance and healthcare costs, but also provide a positive impact on their workplace and community. “It’s always a good day when the employer leadership come together to find ways to improve the health of the community,” commented Dr. Thomas Tobin, President & CEO of Family Health West, at the conclusion of the event.

The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to being a catalyst to these impactful conversations that drive both our economic health and our community vitality.

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