Matthew Breman, 2016 Chairman of the Board

Matthew Breman, 2016 Chairman of the Board

Like so many of us, I am keenly aware of the difference of everything I want to do and the reality of how much time I actually have to get things done. Although I often fail at it, I try to keep a work life balance and that means prioritizing my day with what I have to get done and what I want to get done and there is never enough time for all the stuff I want to get done.

Like so many others that are active in our community, I understand that it is important to pay attention to what is happening at all levels of government, because it has a direct impact on so many aspects of our lives. I wish I had the time to thoroughly review all the proposed legislation, but I could not even get close. At the state level alone, there are over 400 expected pieces of new legislation to be introduced this session. Besides what is happening at the state level, there is our county and city, all of which can have an immediate and substantial impact on our business and local economy.

To stay current and informed, I heavily rely on our team at the Chamber and the over 100 volunteer members of the Governmental Affairs committee. These volunteer members help draft policy guidelines, provide member input on issues at every level of government, and generally direct the policy discussions and actions of the Chamber upon Board approval.

It is only through the effort of the team of volunteers that our Chamber is able to filter through what is relevant to our community, and potential impact (both positive and negative) it may have on all of us. It is because of these volunteers that our Chamber is able to be such a strong voice and advocate for our business community. With our Chambers diverse business membership, we are able to help be the voice of business and advocate for business from small or large and across all industries. Our Chamber spends much of its time and effort meeting with elected officials to testify on legislation, and writing letters on behalf of our membership. Whether it is workplace development, healthcare, regulatory or infrastructure our Chamber is there to make sure our voices are heard in the most impactful way.

Matthew Breman, Chairman

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