Chambers of Commerce have been institutions in many cities for not just decades, but centuries. And, their financial models in most instances are the same today as they were then. Memberships and sponsorships of events are the bread and butter of many budgets. But the world has changed and attitudes toward membership organizations are also changing.

With that in mind, the Grand Junction Chamber Board voted to conduct a total resource campaign later this year. The concept is relatively simple and straightforward. Current members, prospective members and businesses that benefit financially from area businesses will have the opportunity to support the programs and initiatives they are passionate about, often in new and more direct ways.

Staff and key board volunteers are just beginning the process of initiating this new effort and the campaign itself will not launch until September 8th. If you are interested in learning more or how you and your business can be involved, please contact Trisha at 970-263-2912 or Diane at 970-263-2915.

Click here to download full version of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce May 2016 Newsletter.

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