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Elections play a critical function in any healthy economy. Those chosen to represent us have a great impact on the ability of businesses in Mesa County to THRIVE, not just survive. That is why it is important that pro-business candidates are identified to ensure we effectively set the pace for community building, impact policy related to business priorities, and continue to foster a business-friendly environment.

It is also vital that we look at ballot measures that directly impact our local business community. These individual issues contribute to the “big picture” of our economic health and so we must ensure that we weigh both the intentions of the measure and the impacts (often unintended) that come with it.

Leading up to the November 8th election, our community will have several choices as we cast our ballots regarding both the selection of the most ideal candidate to meet our business needs and these pressing issues facing our community. We at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce believe we have a duty to act as a resource, allowing our local business community to make informed choices on election day.

We want to express deep gratitude to all the candidates who responded to our call to participate in our endorsement process. The election season can be taxing and we fully appreciate the time given to engage with our business community over the past few weeks. By allowing us to meet with you and discuss the barriers facing our business community and how you would represent us, we were provided with meaningful conversations regarding how each candidate would positively impact our future economic success.

Lastly, let this be a call to action for you, our business community. While this guide represents a great starting point of information, we highly encourage you to take time to research the candidates and issues presented to you on the ballot. Learn and participate when opportunities present themselves in the coming weeks.
Get out there, and make democracy work for you!

At the service of our business community,
The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce

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