Last week, we were thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the Colorado Competitive Council during their recent visit to the Grand Valley as part of their esteemed Business Basecamp program. These Basecamps serve as a platform to foster closer connections among legislators representing diverse political perspectives, thereby enhancing their understanding of the rich tapestry of Colorado and its constituents.

The action-packed day was filled with a wide range of engaging activities carefully curated to provide an immersive experience. Participants were treated to enlightening tours of West Star Aviation, where they gained insights into the cutting-edge advancements in the aviation industry and participants had the privilege of exploring the innovative campus of Colorado Mesa University, with a special lunch hosted by CMU President John Marshall, who provided in-depth knowledge about the Geothermal Exchange system implemented on campus.

The agenda further included informative sessions featuring St. Mary’s Medical Center, where attendees learned about the transformative healthcare services offered to the community. To address the growing importance of cybersecurity, the Grand Junction Economic Partnership delivered a comprehensive presentation on this critical subject, equipping the participants with valuable insights and best practices.

Thank you to the many community members, businesses, and leaders who participated in this opportunity to show all of what the Grand Valley has to offer!
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