The Museums of Western Colorado and The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce winners for the inaugural 100+ Society, celebrating 100 years of business. Eligibility for recognition includes organizations, agricultural establishments, and businesses that have served the Grand Valley area continuously for at least 100 years. These century enterprises evidence the strength and durability of the entrepreneurial spirit in our community’s robust business heritage.

Recipients for the 2018 100+Society membership include the following:

Benge’s Shoes
Bull Creek Reservoir, Canal and Power Company
Daily Sentinel (GJ Media)
Home Loan Investment Company
Palisade Pharmacy
St. Mary’s Medical Center | SCL Health
Hotel Melrose

Bowman Areas
Clark Family Orchards
Tallbott Farms

Honorees will be recognized at a reception December 6th at the Museum of the West, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Upon recognition, honorees will receive a durable outdoor plaque and indoor wall mount plaque, sponsored by Your Sign Company, announcing their membership; use of a logo designating the enterprise as a member of the 100+ Society; recognition as a member of the 100+ Society with the Museums of Western Colorado and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce; and the option of creating a collection centering on the business in the Museums of Western Colorado Archives for future generations.

For further information about century enterprises of Mesa County and the 100+ Society reception, you may contact Peter Booth, Ph.D., Museums of Western Colorado Executive Director, 970-242-0971 ext. 204, or Trisha Martinez, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Director, 970-263-2912.

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