Jake Soberal, Founder Bitwise Industries

A vibrant community doesn’t just happen. It is the work of leaders—those individuals willing to dream big, take risks and inspire positive change. At the urging of strong business leaders wishing to see others take up the reins and move Grand Junction forward the Chamber is rolling out a new event on April 18th, the Leadership Summit. The featured speaker will be Jake Soberal, founder of Bitwise Industries and champion of transforming Fresno, CA into a technology hub to someday rival the likes of Silicon Valley. Bitwise came to be when Jake and Bitwise co-founder Irma Olguin Jr. met and began talking about their mutual frustrations over the lack of growth in Fresno. Through an exchange of ideas, the two realized that they could create something amazing together. And they did.

Come to the summit April 18th, 2018, 11:30 AM at Two Rivers Convention Center. Bring your co-workers and your friends. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to not just get involved but effect change to help Grand Junction grow, thrive and prosper in countless ways. Registration is $25 for advanced registration or $35 at the door. You may register for the luncheon online at www.gjchamber.org or by calling 970-242-3214.

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