As we embark on another legislative session shaping the business landscape in our beautiful state of Colorado, the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce remains steadfast in our commitment to champion the interests of our local business community. In the fast-paced 120 days of decision-making, it is imperative that we, as a collective voice for Western Colorado, diligently examine the ballot measures proposed and identify their direct impact on our economic vitality.

The bills considered during this legislative session are integral components that contribute to the overarching economic health of our region. We must carefully weigh the intentions of each measure against its potential impacts, both intended and unintended, to ensure a thriving business environment.

As a strong advocate for businesses in Mesa County and beyond, we consider it our duty to act as a resource, adv2024 Legislative Guideline preview ocate, partner, and protector for the factors that keep our businesses flourishing and our economic prosperity robust. To this end, our Governmental Affairs committee, consisting of over 100 members representing diverse industries, business sizes, and experiences, has crafted comprehensive guidelines to evaluate and take action on the evolving legislative landscape.

These guidelines, approved by our Board of Directors, will guide our nimble and expeditious decision-making during the 2024 Legislative Session, anticipating a continuation of the brisk pace witnessed in recent years.

We extend our gratitude to the dedicated committee members who contributed their time and expertise to shape our roadmap for the coming legislative session. Now, we call upon our entire business community to join us in this advocacy effort. While our Governmental Affairs Committee convenes regularly, we encourage you to stay informed, engage with testimonies, and connect with your representation. Your active participation is crucial in ensuring that our collective voice resonates strongly in the halls of the State Capitol.

Together, with efforts from all fronts, we can fortify our position as a robust and influential voice advocating for the prosperity of our business community.

At the service of our business community,

Candace Carnahan, President & CEO
Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce

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