As we move into summer, while we still have challenges, we have a lot to celebrate. Let’s celebrate all of the graduations (including our very own Mesa County Leadership Class). Let’s celebrate

School District 51 and Colorado Mesa University for successfully completing a year of in-person learning. Let’s celebrate the return of JUCO, Country Jam and all of the summer festivals we missed last year. And, of course, let’s celebrate our business community at the delayed Chamber Annual Banquet on June 11th!

Our local community came out in droves to support dining local and shopping local. Major kudos to the ED partners and MCPH for the innovative programs and partnerships that contributed to COVID-19 infection rates remaining low and local businesses remaining open for most of the pandemic. More reasons to celebrate!

And while we have a lot to celebrate, we still have challenges. Our healthcare system is again being taxed and younger members of our community are being impacted. Mesa County led the recovery in early 2021 – we can do it again! The business community has the opportunity to act as leaders. Let’s continue to support the community and our healthcare system by following MCPH’s recommendations, including getting vaccinated.

I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you. The Chamber Banquet is the most fun event of the year – and this year will be no exception! It may be June instead of January, but there is no denying that our business community not only survived but pulled together to help each other thrive during the most challenging economic times many of us have ever seen. That is another reason to celebrate! Local businesses got creative, flexible and innovative as we navigated everything from lockdowns to forgivable loans to remote work to reopening safety. We’ve done a lot of work and we deserve a reward. But we are not out of the woods. The MCPH team has done a phenomenal job for our community – let’s support that team by following their recommended best practices.

Please join the Chamber Board of Directors, Chamber Staff, 2020 Chairman Vance Wagner, and me, on June 11th at the Grand Junction Convention Center for a party…one you all deserve for all you have done this past year! The air filtration system at the Convention Center will be operating and the event will follow 5-Star Program guidance. The speeches will be short, the awards will be well deserved and the pina coladas will hit the spot as we dance on to the live band after the official program is concluded! I hope to see you there!!

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