As we slowly begin to return to normal, many businesses may find themselves needing to get a lot done, with a limited staff and tight resources. Now more than ever businesses are looking to increase productivity and innovation, without interfering with their bottom line. Hiring an intern is an excellent way to address all of these issues. When utilized correctly, interns can provide a fresh perspective to an organization, increase output and improve community relations, all for a relatively low cost (and in some cases, for no cost at all). Other benefits to hiring an intern include:

  • Grow your own employee. A great way to look at an internship is as an extremely long job interview. Employers basically get the chance to “try before you buy” with a potential new employee. Through an internship, employers get an in-depth look at an intern’s work ethic, skills, and their ability to work with a team. A successful internship provides an employer with a great lead on a potential new hire!
  • Technology Savvy. Whether its social media, computer software or even devices, young professionals are t experienced with it all of it. Interns typically require very little training with technology, and can even shed light on new tech practices that can make the workplace more efficient.
  • A Fresh take on stagnant projects. Students who are interested in taking on an internship due so because they want to accomplish something that they can add to their resume. Giving them meaningful work allows them to do just that, all while enabling the business to be more successful and accomplish more.
  • New solutions for old issues. One of the main benefits of hiring an intern is that they can bring in new ideas and challenges the old ways of doing things. Interns offer an outside perspective and can help identify a better, more efficient way of doing things.
  • Increase “brand” awareness. Whether intended or not, interns are great brand advocates. Interns will talk about their experiences with their friends, family members and classmates, meaning your business gets lots of great free advertising!

The business case for hiring an intern is STRONG. With many businesses currently reevaluating their processes and way of doing things, now may be the perfect time to bring on an intern.
Interested in learning more about how an intern can benefit your business?

Join the Grand Junction Chamber, along with the CMU Alumni Association and CMU Career Services, to discuss how you can leverage an internship for the advancement of your business, during these unique times. Thursday, July 30th at 10:00 AM via Zoom.

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