At the Chamber, we prioritize Workforce Development and the continual enhancement of our talent pipeline in Grand Junction and throughout the Grand Valley, recognizing it as the fundamental pillar of our economic prosperity.

Earlier this month, the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce launched our West Slope Works program for businesses seeking reimbursement to offset the barriers and the administrative costs of starting a new work-based learning program. The program is off and running, and we encourage YOU to apply! If you are interested in how to get involved as an employer, here is everything that you need to know and the next steps to take.

Senate Bill 22-140 launched the Work-Based Learning Program Initiative, and the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce was one of five intermediaries selected throughout the state to disperse $230,000 to employers for work-based learning programs! It is important to note that you will only qualify for West Slope Works for starting a new work-based learning program or enhancing an existing work-based learning program you might already have.

The reimbursement amounts that are offered will be based on which work-based learning program you implement. The three levels of that reimbursement are Learning ABOUT Work ($2,500 maximum), Learning THROUGH Work ($6,500 maximum), and Learning AT Work ($10,000 maximum). For more information regarding the details of each level, please refer to Colorado’s Work-Based Learning Continuum, shown in the image to the right or can be found on the West Slope Works landing page: Slope Works Learning Continuum

In your application, you will be required to submit a completed W9 and Colorado Secretary of State Certificate of Good Standing while also having to provide a brief description of what your program will entail and how it will operate.

After your application is submitted, our Workforce Development Manager, David Proctor, will work with you to develop a budget to help predict what your costs will be so we can help you provide an accurate timeline for each monthly reimbursement period. You will also be required to sign a statement of work that will list out guidelines that you must follow throughout the duration of your involvement in the program.

It is important to note that funds for this program are limited, and it will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. This program will run through next year, with all reimbursements needing to be distributed by April 30th, 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns about West Slope Works you may schedule a consultation with David and Candace or email or call (970) 263-2916.

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