Recently during our Annual Legislative Days at the Capitol, the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce was recognized by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce with their Centurian Award for 139 consecutive years of supporting our local business community.

During the presentation, I was struck by the weight of what this meant for the Grand Valley and the impact those fourteen decades of dedication to economic vitality has had in the shape of who we are today. This organization has not just served its members with unwavering dedication during that time, but it has stood up for ALL businesses, of all shapes and sizes, throughout Mesa County and the Western Slope.

Many communities do not have the luxury of having such a strong pillar of protection and care embracing their business community for such a long and consistent period. Through ups and downs, we have stood alongside our partners and investors to persevere, adapt, and thrive. A tradition that will continue without fail into the unforeseeable future.
Just a week later, as I looked out from the stage at our Annual Banquet, I was once again struck.

Surrounded by 700 guests, all gathered in unity to celebrate the strength of our business community, I could see the previous 139 years of work and the foundation it has built but also looked into the horizon and saw the endless opportunity, made possible by the sense of community and camaraderie we live and breathe each day.

Business can be hard and often we talk about the challenges forgetting to talk about the celebrations.

I encourage you to take a moment over the next few weeks to take a step back and appreciate the awesomeness that is our business community and breathe in the pride that you are part of a long history in our Valley of economic focus and partnerships that have made us who we are today.

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