As we celebrated the past year of our business community’s strength and the efforts our organization has done to protect it, it’s quite an amazing story that summarizes the work we do at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

As we know, business is very much like a good storybook. The pages of success are painted with colorful characters including villains and heroes. We experience plot twists and surprises, (maybe even a few tall tales) that keep us on our toes each day as we turn the page. There are even times when we can relate to Alice as she went through the looking glass, (especially during the legislative session), yet we tell ourselves to attempt impossible things before the day is through.

Each of your stories is unique and is scribed by YOU, the authors of our community.

As I look to meet and learn about the narratives that each of your businesses weave, I am truly proud of the diverse library we’ve written, and I look forward to seeing what our next chapter holds.

Although I hate spoilers, I want to assure you. In this next chapter at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, we remain determined to be the voice of Western Slope business. Working tirelessly to provide valuable resources and meaningful connections to our members and investors. We will strengthen and explore collaborative opportunities, both locally and across the state, to leverage resources and maximize impact. And finally, we will be resolved. Resolved to search out the barriers and burdens of all shapes and sizes that look to stand in the way of our economic prosperity, supporting and growing the lifeblood of our valley – businesses.

Because together we thrive. That is our story and it begins with YOU, our members, investors, stakeholders, and volunteers.

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