Aerial/Drone Panorama Photo of Mt. Garfield, Near Grand Junction, Colorado.

Recent efforts have begun by the City of Grand Junction to update Zoning and Development Code (Z&DC) in addition to updates to the Landscaping Ordinances which are set to be completed soon. These updates are vital to support the growth and development priorities that were identified as a community by the recently adopted One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan in 2020.

As representatives of the business community-at-large, contractors, developers, real estate experts, and economic development leaders, we recognize and agree that there is a critical need to update these codes in a positive and meaningful manner. These changes must work towards providing a higher level of efficiency (and not the opposite) and consistency in the development process for both new development and re-development projects, while also contributing to the community’s ability to offer attainable housing for our growing workforce by preventing undue increases in the cost of those projects and/or other consequences.

We commend the City’s efforts to start this significant task and are excited to be engaged throughout the process. As stakeholders, we implore both City Staff and Council to fully embrace the importance and the impact our future Z&DC and landscaping requirements will have on our economic future.

Our organization believes these updates must move forward in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner that is not rushed to meet a deadline, but instead full of ample stakeholder and community input that results in decisions that are based on our community needs and vision, not just what has worked in other metropolitan areas.

The lasting impact of not giving this process the time and stakeholder guidance it deserves could result in unintended consequences including the reduced ability for citizens to secure safe affordable housing and the ability of young professionals to realize the dream of homeownership in Grand Junction.

We also appeal to our community to become (and remain) active and informed throughout this process. Your voice will help Grand Junction grow in a responsible manner while protecting our natural resources and unique way of life and conversely keep housing costs at responsible levels. We’ve worked together to find our community in an exciting time for growth, prosperity, and progress.

Let’s continue those efforts during the update of our Zoning and Development Code and the Landscape Ordinances through processes that will keep our Valley vibrant and thriving for many years to come.

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