Late Wednesday night, May 11th, the Colorado House and Senate adjourned, until the next legislative session in 2023. The final days of the session were plagued with gridlock and indecisiveness. This 2022 legislative session introduced over 600 pieces of legislation and with it, many bills that will be detrimental to the business community throughout Colorado.

The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce along with other Colorado business organizations have identified the bills that pose the greatest harm to Colorado’s economy and business climate. Each would increase costs to residents and employers already burdened by 40-year record high inflation rates, and contribute to the erosion of Colorado’s reputation as a place where employers are welcomed and their businesses able to thrive.

  • HB22-1122: The legislation will increase insurance premiums for workers by increasing payments to pharmacies.
  • HB 22-1287: Introducing rent control measures in one housing sector sets a dangerous precedent that could end with negative consequences for our entire housing market.
  • HB22-1325: This bill would empower the commissioner of insurance and executive director of HCPF to mandate a state-created model for an alternative payment method for primary care doctors, confounding insurers attempts to create models of their own. There are no clinicians employed by the division of insurance to assist them; these decisions should be left to the experts, who best know how to design benefits plans and control costs.
  • HB22-1355: We have significant concerns about the legality of the framework of this new, unregulated nonprofit that mandates membership from certain Colorado businesses while levying undisclosed fees. The legislation will also increase the cost of consumer goods and significantly disadvantage Colorado businesses competing with out-of-state producers.
  • HB22-1362: These proposed building codes will overlap and complicate existing building requirements; negatively impact the expedited development of affordable housing; and delegate regulatory authority to the Colorado energy office to create and enforce building codes for both residential and commercial properties, a function currently beyond their purview.
  • HB22-1370: This bill would shift costs to Colorado’s employers, increasing the cost of care for Colorado’s employers and their employees an estimated $120 per month for the average family of four. This bill limits choice and cost-control measures, restricting the ability of health plans to respond to the needs and goals of specific employer clients when designing their health benefits.
  • SB22-230: Collective bargaining will drive up costs for citizens and businesses through unfunded mandates, and rob local governments of local control. Employee strikes are not expressly prohibited and it is unclear what problem this legislation will solve.

The business community has said time and again that policy impacts the ability to do business. The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to serving and protecting a healthy business climate through advocacy and resources during the year. If you would like to learn more about our advocacy efforts or how these bills would impact your business, please contact Diane at

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