Chamber board and staff are often asked what a Chamber of Commerce does.

In the case of the Grand Junction Area Chamber the answer is that we do what our members want us to do. Our mission of being the voice for business and promoting economic growth is predicated on the concept that being true to that mission will result in a measurable return on investment for the businesses that choose to be members and support us financially.

That is why we seek feedback via surveys, small group discussions and one on one conversations to determine how best to support the business community. We have heard loud and clear that our members want us to be a catalyst for business/economic growth that leads to job creation, a convener of community leaders and influencers to tackle head on the challenges that may hold back
our businesses and our community from realizing their full potential, and be a champion for a stronger healthier community. With that in mind the 2020 business plan was developed and approved by our Board of Directors in late December. New goals around building community and a stronger emphasis on advocacy and workforce development are some of the changes from
previous plans.

Major elements of 2020 Business Plan are shown below:

They include:

  • Goal 1: Create and implement a more coordinated and structured approach to workforce development by convening
    leaders in education and business to collaborate in providing greater utilization of resources by employers and employees
    to match skills to emerging jobs.
  • Goal 2: Be a catalyst for economic and business growth by executing the Chamber mandate outlined in the North Star
    Economic Development Study to lead efforts to assist existing businesses to grow and create jobs
  • Goal 3: Convene leaders and influencers to effectively advocate for a more favorable business climate at the local, state and
    federal level through active engagement in legislative and regulatory processes.
  • Goal 4: Offer access for members to networking venues and opportunities for shared cost savings that will help them build
    strong businesses
  • Goal 5: Champion a Stronger and Healthier Community (new)

Our strategies have changed a bit. Changes or additions include:

  • Re-activating the Regulatory Oversight Subcommittee of the Governmental Affairs Committee to monitor and address
    administrative rulemaking processes.
  • Forming an employer task force to participate in community efforts to address health care costs that lead to higher
    insurance premiums for employers.
  • Engaging more employers in workforce development efforts including workplace experiences for students.
  • Placing more emphasis on sector partnerships for career development (using advanced manufacturing as a model) in
    health care, banking, professional services, retail, outdoor recreation and technology.
  • Providing easier and greater access to economic data for our members and the community.
  • Engaging more businesses directly on public policy issues by making it easier for them to provide comment directly on bills
    and rulemaking processes.


Click here to download the full version of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce January 2020 Newsletter.

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