The Workforce Innovation Program (WIP) is a joint effort by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mesa County Workforce Center and The Business Incubator whose goal is to provide skills-based manufacturing training to both new job seekers and those already employed in manufacturing.

WIP training consists of a no cost 12-week real-world skills-based online curriculum aimed at developing an understanding of various manufacturing principles and techniques, combined with a hands-on shop work component while developing and/or increasing specific skill sets.

Employers who have utilized the program have provided input into the curriculum and what is needed within their businesses, as well as, real-time feedback, which is then implemented into the requirements for completion. Employers can send their employees who are looking to increase their competencies in specific areas. A set of tailored learning paths is created jointly by the instructor and participant at the beginning of the program. Instructor Wayne Wall emphasizes, “the program is competency based (at the 100% level) and tailored to the participant’s schedule and needs.”

According to Jon Maraschin, Executive Director, Business Incubator Center, WIP works for three main reasons:
1. It is lead by a collaboration between the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, Mesa County Workforce Center and The Business Incubator based on feedback from the core manufacturing industry segment that we all work closely with through a number of our programs and initiatives.

2. The program uses cutting edge training that was designed by industry for industry, meaning it is relevant and nimble enough to be custom tailored to the students and companies.

3. The WIP has a highly skilled instructor in Wayne Wall who is adept in the way he makes the information accessible to the students. By running the WIP as a collaboration, it makes world-class training accessible to companies who may otherwise not be able to access it.
The Workforce Innovation Program is currently wrapping up its third iteration of the program and looking for companies to join the 4th iteration beginning in February. If any of the above sounds like something your company needs, please reach out to
Director of Retention & Expansion, C.J. Rhyne at 970-263-2917 or

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