The week of March 8th to the 12th our Chamber will be celebrating Member Appreciation Week with social media, ribbon cuttings and more. While we are focused on our members and their opportunities/challenges EVERY week of the year, it is appropriate to pause on occasion to say Thank You and We Appreciate You! You are the true owners and stockholders of the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. Indeed, without businesses willing to band together to support us there simply would not be a local chamber of commerce in our community to promote economic prosperity and be the business voice.

But we value you for much more than your annual financial investment.

Thank you for:
• Taking the risks and putting in the effort to create the jobs that stoke the engine of our local economy and offer opportunity to our citizens
• Donating to everyone’s quality of life by supporting our many community nonprofit organizations from the Red Cross to Hope West to CMU and Little League Baseball
• Sharing your ideas for how we can make this a better community and rolling up your sleeves to help by serving on Chamber Committees, local public boards and commissions, along with leading other community organizations
• Participating in our chamber polls so we can truly be the business voice on key business issues
• Contributing to the future of our area workforce by offering job shadows, internships and apprenticeships to the youth of Mesa County
• Remaining strong in the midst of a pandemic and doing the right thing for employees and customers to keep them healthy and safe

The list could get even longer but I think you get the point. It has been said that businesses and private enterprise are the backbone of any community. In fact, the West is littered with ghost towns where for whatever reason economies collapsed and businesses left. When that happened the residents too drifted away.

Your individual role as a business owner, manager or employee in making the Grand Junction area a vibrant growing community cannot be overstated. So, this month we shine the spotlight on the real stars of Grand Junction—YOU! Thank you!

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